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[IP] Re: alcohol wipes

> Oh and about those extra
> alcohol wipes - we donate them and the hundreds of extra lancets we
> receive to the local diabetes association for use in their screening
> programs for detecting Type II diabetes.

I've seen screening programs at health fairs, and we did one ourselves when
I had my 50-yr BASH. Now, my question is, do the doctors pay attention to a
high reading with one of these results? My hugsband tests here at home and
has often been welll above 140 (209, 196, etc.). His bro has had Type 2 for
over 30 years. But, we can't get a doctor to listen to us other than do a
fasting BG (mostly normal - except last one was 123), or an A1c - which is
an average overall and doesn't reveal individual highs. We're told we don't
diagnose with a home meter. My query then is, why is it good enough for me
to determine how much insulin I use by the results?

Hugsy has had some blood in one eye and the retinologist wanted him to have
another fasting BG. I persuaded him to write a request (to our PCP) for a
glucose tolerance test. He did. We are to see the PCP soon to have this
actually ordered.

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