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[IP] Re: DKA Question

> If my pump were to malfunction
> could it possibly send me into DKA over night?

I believe it absolutely could. Humalog/Novolog is out of our systems in
about 4-6 hours and there is no background insulin in a Type 1 otherwise. I
had a bad site once and didn't detect it right away. About 3 hours after
site change I was 45 minutes away at an Amish Restaurant for a Christmas
dinner. I enjoyed that high-carb meal (potatoes, stuffing, corn, noodles,
homemade bread, and PIE!!!) I thought I bolused sufficiently for it. Before
the event was over (speaker/program afterward) I was feeling very ill. Took
a test - just read ERROR - did that 4 times. Another DMer was there but had
no meter for me to recheck. After I threw up my wonderful meal all over the
hallway in the lovely restaurant, my friends took me home as hurled in their
car - in a paper sack!  I tested at home with my *good* meter and it just
read HI.

This was before I got on the 'net and learned at least 17 things I hadn't
been taught the previous 15 years of pumping. I didn't know enough to change
my site, but did test and inject a few units every hour as I sat up to sleep
with an hour timer set. Had this been, say, a 2-hr trip, I might have
slipped into a coma by that time. Oh, my hugsband was somewhere in a semi.


> I'm thinking the same as you, unless your sick and it fails at night then
you might have a chance of DKA and of course that wouldn't really be the
pumps problem.  I can have my sugars in the high 25.?++ for like a whole day
and still have no(maybe a slight trace) of ketones, I guess it depends of
how sensitive you are for getting ketones.
> But if your that sensitive I would think being on shots would be just as

But, with shots, there is a basal insulin injected: Lantus, NPH, etc. that
stays in the system. The H/N leaves the *user* without any background
insulin. There MUST be insulin in a Type 1's system.

Test early and often. As always, YMMV!!! (Your Mileage May Vary)  (~_^)

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