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RE: [IP] testing in cold weather/Exercise basals

In response to your basal and exercise question I wanted to say that I experience the exact same thing!  Mine is with my bench aerobics class which I do pretty intensely.
My process is that I reduce my basal 90% (using my temp basal on my H-tron+) 30 minutes before I go to class.  It's a 60 minute class so I try to test 30 minutes into the class to see where I'm at.  Sometimes I'm lower and sometimes I'm perfect.  If I'm "perfect", 65-100, then I change my temp basal and bump it up to 140% with about 15-20 minutes left in the class.
I don't think that I've mastered this complicated technique yet after 3 months of playing with it.  But yes, I go high after the class if I don't increase my basal before class is over or take a bolus afterwards (sometimes both).
It's quite the slippery technique to figure out!  But I was nodding my head with you as I read your message:-)
I don't ever experience the lows later in the night either that others have mentioned.
But now that I'm 11 weeks pregnant my BGs are all sorts of different!  I'm in the "lower than normal" phase right now, so I'm probably going to have to start all over again with figuring out my workout basal changes!
Don't feel alone!  I'm right there in the same boat as you.
Happy snowboarding!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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On the basals side, I find that to keep from going low in the first two 
hours, I have to lower my basal drastically (normal at that time of day 1.3, 
lower to 0.3) at least an hour before starting, and then have to bump it 
back up partway through the day. I nearly always end up above 200 
afterwards, and am going to try a bolus of a unit or two immediately after 
getting in the car to go home next time to see if that helps. I don't seem 
to have the extended period of lows or nighttime lows that some describe. 
This same pattern seems to hold for other exercise except I don't seem to go 
high after other kinds of exercise. Does anyone else have exercise patterns 
that work like this? What works for you?

Type 1 8 years, Pumping 8 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm.
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