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[IP] Re: Pizza, sticky sites, and Tracker

Regarding the post about Pizza and the "high fat" cheese causing highs 
later...please realize that it isn't the fats that are causing those 
highs.  Fat plays very little part in affecting BGLs other than 
delaying the affects of carbs in some cases.  The delayed rise in BGLs 
from pizza/cheese can be attributed to either the cheese stimulating 
the production of glucagon in the body OR the conversion of protein 
into glucose.  I would expect that if you used low-fat cheese and 
regular (higher-fat) cheese in the same amounts, you would see if 
affect BGLs the same way in either case.

Sticky sites...
When I first started pumping, the trainer told me that I should use IV 
Prep to clean the site, which helps in stickiness.  Fine.  But she then 
told me to apply the infusion set, and if I wanted to, put that skin-
like tape (IV 3000 I think it is called???  Correct me if I'm wrong.) 
over it.  Well, as it turns out, that was not only bad advice, but 
wrong advice.  The Quickset tape would quickly start to fall off.  
However, when I checked the directions for the IV 3000...you are 
supposed to apply that directly to the skin FIRST, and then insert the 
infusion set THROUGH it.  I have done it that way every since, and 
never had a single problem with the site not sticking.  The Quickset 
tape sticks very well to the IV 3000 tape, and the IV 3000 tape doesn't 
come off.

One small word of warning regarding the Freestyle Tracker...and 
actually not with the Tracker itself, but with the Handspring PDA.  
Handspring has a lot of quality issues with their Handspring PDAs.  In 
fact, when I was researching them, they had the most complaints 
regarding durability/quality as any other....so if you expect to use 
your PDA for a lot of stuff other than just the Tracker, just be aware 
of that.  (This is not a tracker issue, again, but a Handspring issue 
that the Tracker only works with.)  For light usage, the Handspring is 
probably fine.
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