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Re: [IP] Advice sought from those who count protein

Shaun Oakey wrote:

<<< A couple of months ago I started experimenting with including a portion
protein in my carbo count, and giving an ordinary pre-meal bolus. My blood
sugars immediately improved dramatically ...

Is there a common cut-off point below which you don't bother counting the
protein? >>>

I know many people who only cover if they eat more then 4 oz, of protein in
the meal.  Try it out.  YMMV

If you are interested I have an Excel spreadsheet that lists the protein
factor for all 6,000 foods of the USDA database.  It uses a 50% formula, and
is displayed in a percentage format same as the carb factors from pumping
insulin book (i.e. you have the weigh the food to use the formula).

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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