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Re: [IP] (IP) DKA Question

> Recently someone posted that they were stopping pumping because
> their pump malfunctioned and sent them into DKA. 
>, I mean YES my
> sugars will rise through out the night, but to DKA? I just dunno if
> that would really happen. I would think that this kind of situation
> might also be due to lack of testing. Please tell me if I am wrong
> in my thinking, I am not being judgmental, just concerned for my
> health is all. Thanks!! Tami in Tucson pumpin since Nov1/02

It's unlikely that full blown DKA could come about in 8 hours unless 
you were already ill or dehydrated. Three things are necessary for 
DKA to occur.

1) high bg's
2) ketones
3) dehydration

It's common to have 2 of the three, but not all at the same time 
unless you are ill or have been without insulin for an extended 
period of time. Remember that before insulin was invented, some 
people with diabetes actually survived for up to a year or more on 
starvation diets --- not nice, but it points out the fact that being 
without insulin for a few hours will not automatically cause DKA.

Also, the science -- see Medline -- indicates the for the most 
part, that the incidence of both hyper and hypo glycemia is lower for 
pump users. 

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