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[IP] hearing loss

Has anyone on the list been diagnosed with hearing loss as a complication of 
their diabetes?  Just curious.




I became Hard of Hearing (HOH) in one ear in my early 20's.  Then about 5 
years ago at age 49, I suffered an unusual event.  I was talking on the 
phone, and the other persons voice got fainter as I struggled to hear, until 
I had to end the conversation.  I made an appointment at the Univ. of MN 
where they put me on steroids for one month, hoping that would jolt the 
hearing back.  It didn't happen.  They then told me this was a diabetes 
related complication from my 48 years of having diabetes, and there was no 
cure.  A cochlear implant (CI) was not an option.

Aftermath:  Five years later, I belong to a group called "Self Help for the 
Hard of Hearing" (SHHH) which has support meetings each month, fun 
activities, speakers, CART, and people who are in the same boat I am.  I am 
now their secretary.  Each year I go to the National convention.  I learned 
American Sign Language (ASL) from a wonderful deaf teacher. English was her 
first language, she is now a professor. I now lead a social meeting at our 
local Barnes and Noble bookstore in ASL.

Lea, I hope this answers some of your questions.

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