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[IP] Bra for pump -- thanks!

I want to thank whoever it was who suggested the Olga Simply Perfect 
Satin as a pump bra.  I bought one last weekend, and it hides the pump 
nicely and seems like it will hold it (horizontally, between/under the 
breasts) fine for all-day wearing.  The pump also fits between two 
layers of fabric, so I won't have the plastic right against my skin 
which is always horribly sweaty.

If you google the name, you should be able to see a picture of the bra, 
and you can kind of figure out how the pump would fit there.  The band 
around the bottom holds the pump in place with no extra 
pinning/velcroing necessary.

The occasions I'll have for using this are few, as I hardly ever wear a 
dress, but it's nice to have another way to deal with the pump and dresses.

Type 1 since '93, pumping since '95, MM508
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