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Re: [IP] testing in cold weather

I ski (and once in awhile snowshoe or cross-country ski).  My meter 
(Accu-Check Advantage) is a real wimp in cold weather.  I've found that 
using a handwarmer in the pocket with my meter works well -- these are 
those one-use handwarmers that you can find everywhere, including inside 
the ski shop at the mountain.

In an inside pocket of my parka, I carry a small bag with my meter, 
strips, poker, a bottle of insulin, and the handwarmer,  along with my 
credit card and some money.  I carry a few fruit leathers in another 
pocket for quick carbs if needed.  A full kit with extra infusion sets, 
syringes, batteries, etc is back in the truck -- I tend to bring more 
stuff on ski days than usual, in case some crazy snowstorm blows in and 
we end up staying overnight when we hadn't planned on it.  Or in case I 
rip out my infusion set when I'm pulling all the layers down to use the 
toilet, like I did once when out snowshoeing :-|.

--KarenL in Boulder, CO
Type 1 since '93, pumping since '95, MM508
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