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Re: [IP] testing in cold weather/Exercise basals

I use the One-Touch Ultra while snowboarding. I still haven't figured out 
quite how to adjust my basals to work with the snowboarding, so I make sure 
it is always on me, and test on about every 3rd chairlift ride. I've never 
had it tell me it was too cold, and I've been out when it was 8 (yes, 8) 
Farenheit. I did notice it gets less reliable sometimes though, and it could 
be associated with the cold. One time I tested at 43, and completely did not 
feel that low. I tested again after I got off the lift and it was 135. 
Tested again and it was 92. All tests were within 5 minutes. I'm thinking 
the cold was to blame for the inaccuracy - my hands were relatively clean. I 
don't like the idea of leaving it in the lodge - I guess I've just become 
too dependent on testing since I started pumping.

I do remember the fast take seemed to be extremely sensative to cold.

On the basals side, I find that to keep from going low in the first two 
hours, I have to lower my basal drastically (normal at that time of day 1.3, 
lower to 0.3) at least an hour before starting, and then have to bump it 
back up partway through the day. I nearly always end up above 200 
afterwards, and am going to try a bolus of a unit or two immediately after 
getting in the car to go home next time to see if that helps. I don't seem 
to have the extended period of lows or nighttime lows that some describe. 
This same pattern seems to hold for other exercise except I don't seem to go 
high after other kinds of exercise. Does anyone else have exercise patterns 
that work like this? What works for you?

Type 1 8 years, Pumping 8 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm.
>The One-Touch Ultra has the widest operating temperature off all test 
>strips.  The range of temperature for them is listed as 43 to 111 
>Farenheit.  (sorry, I don't do Celsius or Kelvin)     ;>)

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