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[IP] (IP) DKA Question

Recently someone posted that they were stopping pumping because their pump
malfunctioned and sent them into DKA.
This has been haunting my brain since I read it. The longest  I go without
testing is when I sleep, so max. 8 hrs.. If my pump were to malfunction
could it possibly send me into DKA over night? I know basils are very
important, but, would my sugars really rise so much and send me to the
hospital? I find myself questioning this, I mean YES my sugars will rise
through out the night, but to DKA? I just dunno if that would really happen.
I would think that this kind of situation might also be due to lack of
Please tell me if I am wrong in my thinking, I am not being judgmental, just
concerned for my health is all.
Tami in Tucson
pumpin since Nov1/02
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