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Re: [IP] testing in cold weather

My wife & I love to go Cross Country Skiing.
We'll go out for about 4 hours at a time.
I keep my Paradigm clipped to the waistband of my polypro tights.
If it's real cold, I wear wind pants over the tights (& the Paradigm).
Never had a problem.
I wear a fleece vest while skiing.
In one pocket goes a tube of glucose tabs and a cliff bar.
Into the other goes my One Touch ultra.
I found the Ultra always works in the cold while the Freestyle didn't.
I don't adjust my basals while skiing.
I have a snack before starting, at about 2 hours and after finishing.
I cover the snacks with 1:20 instead of my usual 1:15.
After finishing, I like to set a temp basal of about 75% for about 4 hours.
That's when I tend to go low.

but that works for me while doing REAL skiing, not that downhill sliding stuff.

Good luck,
John & his skiing Paradigm

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