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Re: [IP] testing in cold weather

> To enjoy all the New England snow this year, Lauren and Megan
> started skiing lessons today.  How do skiers handle testing outside
> in cold weather?  I sent Lauren off today with pockets filled with
> airheads and Gu, but no meter.  I doubt she would take the time to
> come all the way back to test everytime she should. 

When we go skiing/snowboarding, Lily keeps her meter in her pocket 
along with a small bottle (10 tabs) of glucose. She tests as needed 
when she doesn't feel right. I don't think it's all that frequent, 
but even when in the lodge, it's not convenient to hunt down a purse 
or go to a locker to test. She does not change her basals during the 
day but sometimes lowers them at night because of the strenuous day.

Lily (19) snowboards, Daisy (15) skiis

Michael (ex-skier x8%@!! knees -- now a snowboarder)
email @ redacted
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