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I know that many camps have alternative programs for teens.  As we are
from Cleveland, Ohio, I am most familiar with the program run by Camp Ho
Mita Koda - a 8 day bike trip through Ohio - run in conjunction with the
Great Ohio Bike Adventure (www.GOBA.com).  Teens with diabetes, ages
13-19, can go on the trip- biking between 35-50 miles a day (or riding in
the van if they can't make it!) and camping out at night with the 3000
other GOBA participants.  A pediatric endo from the Cleveland Clinic has
accompanied the kids for the past 9 years - along with other willing
(crazy?) adults.  The kids learn so much about diabetes, pumps,
independence, etc.  My daughter will be going for her 6th year and wants
to continue as an adult volunteer.  The trip starts in Greenville and
hits Xenia this year - so it is kind of close to WV!

For further information or questions - e-mail me off the list - or visit
the Camp Ho Mita Koda website or call 216-591-0800 (the Diabetes
Association of Greater Cleveland) and talk to Jacquie Dickinson. 

Liz B.


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