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[IP] Animas Occlusion Alarms

Can anyone explain to me why my R1000 insists on thinking that it needs to be
reprimed when I get an occlusion alarm?

I got woken up twice last night with occlusion alarms (12am and 2am).  I think
I was sleeping on top of the infusion site and the pump didn't appear to like
the additional pressure I was placing on the site.  I just disconnected the
quick-connect on my comfort and reprimed and reattached after each alarm. 
There was no way I was going to change the site out at 2am since I had just
put it in earlier in the day.  (I was tired, I drove almost 400 miles

This morning, the site appears happy and bg levels are normal.  I'm just
what the thought process the people who designed the pump software used when
determining that it's necessary to reprime after an occlusion alarm.  Can
think a good explanation for this behavior?

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