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Re: How you get your site to stick (Was Re: [IP] Action of IV Prep)


  My son Joshua is the pumper.  We use both IV Prep and Mastisol.  Nothing 
would stick to Josh's skin otherwise.  There is nothing complicated about 
using either one of these products.  We wipe the site area with the prep then 
fan the area a little bit to allow it to get tacky.  I use a QTip that I dip 
into the Mastisol and swab a circle the size of the set (MM Quick Sets) 
leaving the center area frfee of the Mastisol.  Again I fan the area for a 
few moments in order to allow it to become tacky.  When we first started 
using this we did not fan the area and the sets would just slide right off!!!

As for the inserter device sticking, no, this is not a problem for us.  Also 
I keep the inserter clean using adhesive remover pads on it to ensure it does 
not get sticky.  Site changes take maybe 3 minutes tops, from beginning to 

Hope this helps!

mom to Joshua
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