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Re: [IP] Bagels & high BG values

Yes, Liz bagels will do that.  I think the carb figures are wrong. 
There is no way you can take just 4 units for one of those bagels.  6 
is the minimum (of course it depends on your ratios), but the carbs 
in bagels are broken down quickly , too.  So if you can anticipate by 
20 min, it helps.  For me a big Bruegger has an effective carb total 
of close to 100 g, so I need about 7 U.  don't ask me why ;-)

>Does anyone out there get a huge rise in blood sugars after eating
>Brueggers Asiago Cheese bagels (or bagels in general)?  We're talking a
>swing from 140 to 450 in an hour - after taking 4 units to cover the 4
>carbs.  Seems to be a pattern here. Liz B.
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