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[IP] My horror story(not scary) - LONG

Just thought I'd share my little horror story with you all.  About 4-5 years ago I was going down to visit my brother in Sarnia Ontario, at the same time his Church was making a road trip with the kids down to North Carolina to go to a bible camp(The Wilds) well my brother decided(with my help!) that it would be cool for me and him to go along.  With ALOT of convincing my mom finally agreed, she talked with the camp to make sure they knew about my diabetes and had staff to handle me, and also managed to allow me to phone home and check in every night( there was a strict no phone calls home policy for campers)  well all was well I flew down to Sarnia ( It's a 20+ hours drive for me) and spent the night then we boarded the rented mini school bus  and were off, it was a 22 hour drive to North Carolina and we made some fun stops along the way.
The camp that week had just over 800 campers but normally had about 1000!
Now I was 15 or 16 at the time and could handle my Diabetes on my own no problem and my sugars were pretty good the whole way down, well we arrived and unpacked and I was to check in at the nurses office to meet the nurses( they had a few full time nurses and an actuall hospital set up) great BUT this hospital was up a small cliff up some 200 and something stairs which I counted but forget now.  When I got there they took my tester and all my supplies, and told me I couldn't carry it around with my that policy was I had to check in with them to test etc.  Well I freaked!  I freaked and freaked and freaked, my brother was getting scared as I never really cry and  I was bawling and all, I told them if thats the policy then they'll have to send me home NOW.  after alot of tears I managed to convince them there was no harm in me having my tester with me that I can check in for shots but not testing.  Then at the first meal I checked in for my shot and I tested and I was 2.8 kinda low but managable well the nurs
Did I mention that I acidently forgot to hand in one syringe and a cartridge of Humalog??  For my middle of the night highs etc.    OOooopppss!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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