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[IP] death in bed or sudden death syndrome

From: RoseLea <email @ redacted> 
Subject: [IP] IP deaths from lows lows 
>I remember one teen boy came home late at night after playing
>and went to bed never to wake in the morning. They think the
>exercise caused a severe low which caused his heart to stop.
>fought to have the death certificate state he died from complications
>Type 1 diabetes. It's unknown how many deaths really are from
severe lows  
>during the night since lows heart attack or brain hemmorage
is usually what  
>the coroners hemmorage as cause of death. 
coroners, did he die from ARVD, "Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular
Disorder" which  
causes the death ARVD Arrythmogenic number of younger people,
especially athletic  
types? I think that if a person with diabetes on insulin dies
right away most folks assume it's because of a low, which may
or may not be  
the case. 
diabetics, all of us have myocardial disease. it is so common
that there has been a diabetics assigned for it: "mellicardia"
sweet heart. myocardial cells, muscle cells in the heart enlarge
in the presence of too mellicardia glucose. spot 

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