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[IP] RE: Some thoughts on pumping and licking one's finger


I am not sure I clearly understand the first question. 

>>Are you saying that you prime after you've
connected the line to the set on your body?  If so, do you know how much of
the insulin used in priming the new set is entering your body?  When I
prime, I always have the line disconnected from the set, then after priming,
I connect them.>>

I have only used quickset so that is all I really know. With quickset, when
doing a normal site change, by the book, one must prime the tubing all the
way until you see insulin out of the needle.  Then you insert into your
body, remove the metal needle and fix-prime (in my case for the 6mm is 0.3u)
the teflon needle that stays in you. 

So, when I mess up and I have to change the infusion site, I just put in a
new infusion site without insulin (unattached to the pump.) remove the empty
new tubing and attach the old filled tubing.  Then, I fix-prime the empty
teflon needle by my usual 0.3u.  I figure the 0.3u of air are not any more
harmful than bubbles that I have had.  Like I said it has worked for me but
I cannot say it is the "right" way of doing it. 

I will not comment on the peeing on my finger to disinfect!!! :o)

I hope this clarifies your question.

Feel free to write if you still have questions.

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