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>>Or, did he die from ARVD, "Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Disorder" which
causes the death of a number of younger people, especially athletic
types?  I think that if a person with diabetes on insulin dies suddenly,
right away most folks assume it's because of a low, which may or may not be
the case.

Hi RoseLea,

No, he didn't die from ARVD.  All the young adults and teens who have 
died during their sleep from lows were considered healthy.  A 
daughter of a friend is an executive with a national circus.  She 
told her mom about a 24 y/o man with Type 1 diabetes who died in his 
sleep on the train travelling to the next show town.  He ate lunch, 
injected insulin and went to sleep.  He died while sleeping with 
other people around him.  No outward signs of distress.  Severe lows 
can be deadly.  It only happens to around 6% of Type 1 diabetics, 
mostly younger people below the age of 40, especially teen boys and 
young men.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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