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[IP] Re: Red Glucagon box

When I was diagnosed 29 years ago, I think it was a cardboard box.  When I 
went to college, I figured no one would give me a shot so I stopped getting 
them after that and luckily have never needed it.

When my daughter was diagnosed in November she got a red box glucagon kit and 
it does seem like it is easier to use than the old ones would have been.  Her 
dorm is right accross the street from the emergency room and I think her 
friends would probably drag her there before giving her a shot but there are 
some nursing majors on her floor so if they were around they could maybe do 
it.  Since the Glucgon RX was written to be refilled every month,  I got 
another one (while I still had insurance that would cover it at 100% - they 
are $95.00 at my Walgreens) so now I have one at home and she can keep the 
other at school.

I don't think my daughter is excessively worried about going low but she did 
tell me that when she's with me she feels safer, knowing that I would know 
what to do.  I feel better about having the glucagon in the house if either 
one of us needs it but hopefully we won't.

I also thought it was strange in Panic Room that the girl could tell the 
robber how to give her Glucagon.  I'm pretty sure that at that point I 
wouldn't be able to make sense.  I also thought it was strange that when the 
girl's BG was 70, that the Mom didn't start thinking of getting her daughter 
some carbs at that point.  I told my daughter this and she said the Mom was 
worried about other things.  I'm pretty sure the fear of your child going low 
would override most fears.  Of course my daughter isn't a parent and maybe 
hasn't been diabetic long enough to have it be a pretty automatic concern 
about being too low.  ALthough she does realize that it is important for her 
to always be aware of how she feels (i.e not impaired by alcohol) and be able 
to take care of herself. 

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 years, age 45
and daughter Melinda - Type 1 - 2 months, MDI, age 18
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