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[IP] Re: to wipe or to lick after blood testing

From: "Faith" <email @ redacted>
I fold up a paper towel in my Ultra case, keep it zipped in there with the
meter.  I blot the blood off with that and reuse it until there is very
little space left on either side without a blood stain.  I tried licking the
blood off after reading about it here last year but I just don't really like
the taste of blood.  Now the lick is a last resort, no paper towel or
kleenex? then lick....

I also keep a klenex in my Ultra case and after testing hold my finger against 
the klenex for a minute or so since I often have trouble with my fingers 
continuing to bleed.  I also have had "old holes" start to bleed.  I use one 
finger for testing each day so there is a week to heal in between testing. 
This has really helped my fingers not to hurt so much.

Oh and I have never licked the blood.  

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2
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