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Re: [IP] Camp ?-Rodney & any others who know

I have a friend who has a daughter about your age and they love the Clara
Barton camp.  I think it is in Massachusetts, though I'm not sure.  It is
definitely a drive for them (we also live in VA), but very worth it.


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Subject: [IP] Camp ?-Rodney & any others who know

> Everyone keeps talking about how great camp is for their kids.  My
> was diagnosed at age 11, so by the time we made it through the first
> and were able to focus on extras she was too old to go to a "kiddie" camp.
> She will be 14 in April, but I would love to have her go to camp and be
> other kids who are pumping or "D".  There are  no other kids at her school
> with "D" this year-were 2 others last year, but a year ahead of her, so no
> contact.   Are there good camps for kids her age or would looking into
> something like being a volunteer camp counselor for younger kids be a
> solution, even though she hasn't been to camp before? She does babysit
> and is very good with kids.  We live in VA.
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