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Re: [IP] Camp ?-Rodney & any others who know

Ok, well I did a quick search and there are several camps in VA.  I don't
know exactly where you live in VA, but there are also several camps in
Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  You can search for some on:

There is one camp, Camp Jordan that has programs for kids entering grades
7-9.  So if your daughter is 14 she might still be young enough for next
summer?  If not a lot of the younger camps when I attending hired CIA
(Counselors In Training) starting at around age 16.  So there is an
unfortunate gap.  However, I would recommend contacting the camp organizers
anyway you can starting now to see what their policy is.  I know that
applications for positions have deadlines so it's good to find out about
them early.

-- Sherry    dxd 8/80 pump MM 508 12/99
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