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[IP] Foot Surgery

I am looking at having another go at foot surgery at
the end of this month.  Am wondering if anyone here
has any experience or knowledge of what the problem
with my foot might be.

Two years ago I was dx'd with a bunion on ONE foot.  I
had been in a lot of pain for some time - usually
following tennis matches.  I have rarely in my life
worn heels & have always been a fan of comfortable
shoes.  (I can hear the snickering).  

Had bunion surgery - but the pain has only gotten
worse since then.  The joint never returned to a
normal size after post-surgery swelling.  The surgeon
actually did not "pin" the joint - just realigned it.

Saw surgeon #2.  His dx? Never had a bunion & surgeon
#1 was a fool for not pinning the joint.  Got a
cortisone shot which helped for a week or so - but
pain soon returned.  Extra large size of joint is
still there.  Joint is also stiff, but have 90% range
of motion as other foot.

The pain now extends on top of foot from big toe
toward ankle, as well as under foot in the arch.  It
aches nearly all the time.  Playing tennis requires 4
Alleve.  (yes, I'm planning on taking up swimming).

Any ideas or advice other than stop playing tennis?

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish,
glutton for punishment.

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