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Re: [IP] Camp ?-Rodney & any others who know

I'm not sure about the area you live in but up here we have a small local diabetes camp.  It is through our Canadian Diabetes Association so I would assume that your American Diabetes Associon would be the place to call.  Our first camp was in 1995, I was 12 at the time and had a blast.  When I turned 15ish I started helping out at camp as a Jr. Councellor, and now am a councellor both at my local camp(Thunder Bay) and at the Winnipeg Camp each summer.  It is an amazing experience.  At 14 there won't be much expected of your daughter other than to participate with the kids help out a little and be a good role model then in the years to come she'll have the feel of camp the kids will know her and she'll be ready to be a councellor.  We also have many other local events that "our" kids together for and I always try to be there it is amazing watching these littles ones they are so excited and happy to see others having finger pokes and needles.  

There's nothing better then to be out grocery shopping ( or what-ever) and have them come running up to you all smiles talking about camp.  It really makes an impact on them, and me!!

I'd call and see what there is for her, they may even have or know of a teen camp, if not they should be more then willing to have her help out.  Our local camp can't actually have campers over the age of 15 (some camps are 14) but we will always have them back at 16 and up to help out, and basically to help out means to ba a camper with special privliges.

the website, www.childrenwithdiabetes.com has a section on all the USA diabetes camps you acn look up some near you.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4) 
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   Are there good camps for kids her age or would looking 
> into 
> something like being a volunteer camp counselor for younger kids 
> be a viable 
> solution, even though she hasn't been to camp before? She does 
> babysit some 
> and is very good with kids.  We live in VA.
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