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[IP] Camp ?-Rodney & any others who know

Everyone keeps talking about how great camp is for their kids.  My daughter 
was diagnosed at age 11, so by the time we made it through the first stages 
and were able to focus on extras she was too old to go to a "kiddie" camp.  
She will be 14 in April, but I would love to have her go to camp and be with 
other kids who are pumping or "D".  There are  no other kids at her school 
with "D" this year-were 2 others last year, but a year ahead of her, so no 
contact.   Are there good camps for kids her age or would looking into 
something like being a volunteer camp counselor for younger kids be a viable 
solution, even though she hasn't been to camp before? She does babysit some 
and is very good with kids.  We live in VA.
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