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Re: [IP] sticky stuff

In a message dated 1/3/2003 1:03:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> before I spend the $58 on the 2 ounce bottle of
> adhesive, I was wondering if anyone had a more cost effective solution. Any
> suggestions would be much appreciated.

I assume you're refering to Mastisol . . . You can get it on line for about 
$30 or less and a bottle will last a LONG time (we're going on 18 months and 
the bottle is still half full).  However, if you just want to try Mastisol, 
they do have them available in little individual packs of applicators (very 
pricey, though).  Try getting a couple of samples out of your pump company (I 
know Minimed used to have them.  Not sure about the other pump companies).  

Along with the bottle of Mastisol, I bought a box of the individual 
applicators to take with us when we travel because Mastisol has worked so 
well for Katie . . . We use it with Quick-sets:  After you've cleaned the 
site with whatever you use (we use either IV Prep or Skin Prep) , with the 
applicator or a q-tip soaked in the Mastisol, draw a little circle about the 
size of a dime where you plan to put your set (you'll want to insert the set 
in this area that DOESN"T have the Mastisol).  Then draw outward with the 
Mastisol until you have a circle of the stuff about the size of your 
Quick-sets adhesive cloth (will look like a target with no Mastisol in the 
area where the bullseye would be).  Then either wait patiently or fan the 
site impatiently until the Mastisol becomes tacky to the touch.  It doesn't 
take long (after a while you can tell just by looking when it's tacky, but 
not to dry).  Waiting until it's tacky before you insert your set is the key 
to Mastisol . . . 

I hope it works for you . . . There are other things to try (I think SkinTac 
is cheaper) and you can get the low down on all the adhesives, tapes, etc. on 
the IP site.
Good Luck!

Pumpmama to Katie
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