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RE: [IP] Some thoughts on pumping and licking one's finger

> >.....I prepare another site with a new quickset without priming, insert 
> it and then attach the old > tubing to the new site. I then prime the new 
> site and all is good. I do not do this all the time, just > as needed in 
> order not to through away so much insulin.

>Thats really interesting. Are you saying that you prime after you've 
>connected the line to the set on your body? If so, do you know how much of 
>the insulin used in priming the new set is entering your body? When I 
>prime, I always have the line disconnected from the set, then after 
>priming, I connect them.

I do the same thing once per week, since I change my QuickSet twice per 
week and my cartridge only once each week.  Let me try to explain what *I* 
do.  At change time, I disconnect from the QuickSet that I've been using 
already for about 3 to 3 1/2 days.  I insert a new QuickSet (tubing 
attached to the set, but not to the pump, since that's how they come 
packaged).  After insertion, I remove the needle and disconnect the tubing 
which is not attached to the pump and discard it (yeah, waste of tubing, I 
wish they packaged the QuickSets similarly to the Tender IIs.)  I prime my 
old tubing, still attached to the pump, but not to me yet, 1 unit to make 
sure that no air was sucked into the tubing while I was inserting the new 
set (I always do this upon reconnecting since I have seen air in the tubing 
even though I've left the pump running), I then reconnect the tubing still 
hooked to the pump to the new set (and me).  Then prime 1/2 to 1 unit to 
fill the cannula.

And, I have no comment on licking one's finger or not.  ;o)

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