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[IP] re: deaths from lows

> >>>While discussing the recent death of my friend with diabetes, my endo
> told me that a person doesn't die from a low unless they purposely took
> large
> amounts of insulin.<<

I'm surprised your endo hasn't heard of this happening to Type 1 
diabetics, usually teen boys.  It's called "dead in bed syndrome." 
Diabetes Interview did a great story on it a couple of years ago. 
They explained what it is and told of families it happened to and 
what probably contributed to their deaths.  I remember one teen boy 
came home late at night after playing basketball and went to bed 
never to wake in the morning.  They think the extra exercise caused a 
severe low which caused his heart to stop.  Parents fought to have 
the death certificate state he died from complications from Type 1 
diabetes.  It's unknown how many deaths really are from severe lows 
during the night since a heart attack or brain hemmorage is usually 
what the coroners list as cause of death.

"The number of deaths of this kind per 10,000 patient years has been 
estimated to 2 - 6.4.  For a population of 100,000 persons with 
diabetes, this represents 20-60 deaths per year or approximately 6% 
of all deaths in persons with diabetes aged less than 40 years." I 
got this quote from:

which goes into greater detail about "dead in bed syndrome."

There are several sites which address this:


This is a video presentation on a report by a Canadian broadcasting 
company on lows that are more severe and less symptomatic on Humulin 
insulins vs. animal insulins:


two more sites on Humulin insulins and dangerous lows:


Even though "dead in bed" happens rarely, I test Noah most every 
night at 2:00 a.m. and his dad again when he gets up at 5:30 a.m. 
We've caught lows that didn't make sense (no extra activity or fast 
acting insulin in his system).  He sometimes feels lows and wakens, 
but not always.  We've found him in the 50's with no symptoms.  Scary 

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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