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[IP] human mouth bacterial breeding ground

>>> My mother has gotten a bad infection twice from biting her own lip.  She
> didn't even bight it hard, she was chewing the dead skin off and it
> somehow got infected to the point of her needing antibiotics.  What does
> that say about her immune system?

Only her physician might know that.  Perhaps it's because the skin injury
was on her lip (which is endodermis, not epidermis); or maybe she kissed
someone who had an infection; or maybe the lip biting and the infection are
totally unrelated; or . . .<<

The human mouth is full of bacteria...both good and bad.  It's one of 
the best breeding grounds in the human body since it remains at a 
constant, warm temperature, is moist, and is exposed to exterior 

The human mouth vs. canine mouth and which is cleaner?...the human 
mouth is cleaner than a dog's mouth.  Doctors told patients they 
would be better off being bit by a dog than a human...which is true. 
Harmful dog bacteria is harmful to their own species, but not to 
humans unless they have rabies or something that humans can get. 
That's why a human bite is usually more potentially harmful to 
another human.

As far as licking the blood off fingers before and after testing, I 
don't think that is harmful unless you have a substance on your 
fingers before testing which could alter the result.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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