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Re: [IP] Consistent morning highs with new Paradigm

Talk to your Dr. about the dawn phenomenon (spelling?).  It is when in some diabetics your blood peeks in the morning hours.  I have my pump set on a different basal rate in the wee hours from the rest of the day. 
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to be normal at other times, but my first check in the morning - for me
about 8:30 at work is consistently in the mid 200's.>


It sounds like you may need to tweak your overnight basals to overcome a
Dawn Phenomenon? I've only been pumping with the Paradigm, so I don't
know how it compares to the 507C. It took me awhile to figure out what my
nighttime basals needed to be (I have several) to wake up with a normal blood
sugar. I've also discovered I need to bolus for coffee.

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