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Re: [IP] sticky stuff


Our local MiniMed rep is a diabetic on a pump who runs marathons.  She told 
me that she uses toupee glue.  I cannot seem to find this but since hearing 
this, I have gone to the local beauty supply store and purchased several 
different things.  They all seem to work very well, some are just messier to 
work with.  

1.  Double sided tape that is used to fasten wigs to the scalp, most likely 
for people who are bald on top due to nature or other medical reasons.  Since 
I am "all thumbs" this works well but is hard for me to work with.

2.  a tube of glue (problem is that it has latex in it) for the same reason.  
It is also used for putting in additional hair into existing hair,  I know 
there is a name for this, but I am clueless.  My problem with this is I 
cannot seem to find either a clear version of this or a white version of it.  
I am a Caucasian and have only found black.

3.  The best for me so far is eyelash adhesive.  It is clear, comes in a 
latex and a non latex version and is quite easy to work with.  

Just in the past four months or so I have gotten serious about my health.  I 
now go to a health club and do aerobic exercises (treadmill, recumb bike, or 
an ecliptical) then walk around a track several times to cool down and to 
prevent leg cramps and then finish up with weight training.  My set NEVER 
falls out.  

Just things to try.

This Frumpy Mom of 2 boys!  Diagnosed 12/18/67, pumping since Jan. 1984.  
MiniMed 507c since June 1999.
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