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[IP] Re: Glucagon Kits

> If you're looking for the kind in the red plastic box, mine says its made by 
> "Lilly" - I think my parents get them at Costco (aka Price Club) (and that 
> they're slightly cheaper there than the usual $300)

I'm not sure who wrote the above, but is this a typo?  Or does Glucagon cost 
$300 in the USA??  I can't remember exactly, but I think the last time I got 
it in Canada it was $35.  Yes and it was in those crushable cardboard boxes, 

However, when it was time to get Glucagon when we lived in the UK, I received 
a "Gluca Gen" kit.  It was made by Novo Nordisk and came in a sturdy, strong, 
bright orange box.  The mixing liquid was in the most horrendously huge, 
thick, needle imaginable.  I knew from my training in Canada that you could 
use a regular insulin syringe to give glucagon, but other parents I met in 
the UK did not know this, and thus were reluctant to ever consider using it.  
I've kept the orange box and put the more recently purchased glucagon in it, 
with a regular size syringe.  It fits nicely into the butter keeper in the 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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