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Re: [IP] diabetic sport band

The medic alert I was talking about is very similar to the ones on this site they have plain black, green a few kids patterns and they even have some sports team patterns now, they are the frabricy band with an actual medic alert emblem, there are a few different ones, some are the plastic snap closures and some have the velcro ( like watch bands) closure. Check out the web site to see what I mean, I know many kids/teens that have them, and of course they have the reassurance of medic alert behind them.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Hi Susan,
>   I saw your post about your son wanting a sport band.  Does he 
> want one
> that is made of cloth or metal?   I noticed that someone mentioned 
> MedicAlert for the metal one.  If he's looking for a material type 
> one, check out
> www.fifty50.com  they have many sport band types.  First go to the 
> site,click on fifty50 pharmacy (the middle tab, you'll see what I 
> mean when you
> go there), then on the left where it states "Products", choose "kid's
> corner", then scroll down the page of products.  There are 3 sets 
> of sport
> bands. Check out each one by clicking on the picture of the bands. 
> In the
> one that has the largest selection, there is a plain black one 
> (well, really
> smoke grey color) Called Sante Fe. I know you said that he was in 
> college,but he may even like one of the other ones.  They just 
> have the medic alert
> emblem with the word "Diabetic" written on the back of the 
> emblem's tag. I
> don't know if you were looking for more than that.
>   Hope that helps.
> Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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