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[IP] diabetic sport band

Hi Susan,
   I saw your post about your son wanting a sport band.  Does he want one
that is made of cloth or metal?   I noticed that someone mentioned Medic
Alert for the metal one.  If he's looking for a material type one, check out
www.fifty50.com  they have many sport band types.  First go to the site,
click on fifty50 pharmacy (the middle tab, you'll see what I mean when you
go there), then on the left where it states "Products", choose "kid's
corner", then scroll down the page of products.  There are 3 sets of sport
bands. Check out each one by clicking on the picture of the bands.  In the
one that has the largest selection, there is a plain black one (well, really
smoke grey color) Called Sante Fe. I know you said that he was in college,
but he may even like one of the other ones.  They just have the medic alert
emblem with the word "Diabetic" written on the back of the emblem's tag. I
don't know if you were looking for more than that.
   Hope that helps.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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