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Re: [IP] Re: Glucagon Kits

Cake mate also works good, just try not to get the brown, it can look pretty messy afterwards!  We use these at Diabetes camp, we have both glucagon and cake mates in the cabins , one young girl was unconsious and seizuring andst have taken in alot of it!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Perhaps others here know better than I do, but years ago, when I 
> had the one
> unconscious low I've ever had, I was in college.  My supplies had both
> glucagon and the liquid "Insta-glucose" (or something like that).  
> I had
> told my roommate how to administer glucagon, but when the moment 
> actuallyarrived, neither she nor my RA wanted to do that.
> Instead, they used the insta-glucose and squeezed it into the side 
> of my
> cheek, between my teeth and cheek.  It was a mess--I reflexively 
> spit it out
> and they kept trying to push it back in, but somehow, enough of it 
> absorbedthat I regained consciousness.
> I remember when I woke up, the glucose was everywhere, even making my
> eyelids stick together, because someone had tried to look at my 
> eyes during
> that time.  But it did the job.  When we told my doctor about that 
> later, I
> was told that there was actually some disagreement about which 
> treatment was
> really better, the liquid glucose or the glucagon.
> I wonder if, perhaps, people like you could just try to keep that 
> liquidglucose on hand?  I suspect that most people believe the 
> glucagon is a
> superior treatment option, but that stuff is an inexpensive option 
> that can
> also do the job.
> As I said, maybe someone else knows better than I do about that, 
> but in my
> experience with an unconscious low, glucagon really WASN'T necessary.
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