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[IP] Kleenex / Finger Holes

        I use an inexpensive paper napkin ("serviette" for our Canadian 
friends) folded inside my Ultra case.  I tear off one small strip (it seems 
to have a "grain" and will tear into a fairly straight strip) about 1/2" X 
2".  After blotting my finger with it, I use it to grasp the end of the strip 
to pull it out, give the strip a twist to wrap the paper around it, and stick 
it into the mesh part of my Ultra case.  Then I dispose of the day's 
collection when I get home.  I used to use the folded paper towel, blotting 
my finger on the inside fold to make it less gross to others who might be 
watching, but then it started getting gross to me to try to find a clean 
spot.  I got the idea of the folded napkin from a fifth-grade student at the 
school where I teach.  I've never been a licker.
       I, too, sometimes get blood from more than one hole, but I have a 
tendency to stick the same finger every time until it just gets too calloused 
to get any blood out of it without ratcheting up the depth dial.  That's 
usually my cue to switch fingers.
Brenda Martinez 
D-45 years, Pumping-6 years

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