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RE: [IP] Red Glucagon box

It may be more important than you think to have glucagon in the house. I
have several friends that are emergency medical techs in Northern and
Central NJ. Many communities will no longer let their ambulance
personnel administer glucagon injections and the ambulance no longer
carries it on board. They can however help and assist a family member or
friend to administer the shot if there is a kit available in the house.
If this is not the situation then they have to call the paramedics or
quickly get you to an emergency room.

I have on occasion needed two kits to come back from a low and one night
one injections was not enough and we didn't have a second kit. My
husband called 911 and when the ambulance arrived they did not have
glucagon. When they called for paramedic they were told that they had
two other emergencies and just to get me to the ER. Of course after I
got the injection at the ER I was ready to go home. 

We now always have two kits at home, I have one in the car and another
at work. I will not depend on the ambulance to have a kit or be able to
inject it if I need it. You should be able to call your local rescue
squad and ask what is the policy at this time with carrying and
injecting glucagon. 
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