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Re: [IP] Re: IGF

Summer <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Is that why the glucowatch is behind or is that totally unrelated?  does
it test the IGF?

Yes, it does.  When Cygnus first went to the FDA with the GlucoWatch, they
claimed equivalence with standard of care testing (i.e. home meters).  The
FDA didn't buy it because there was little research to show that IFG was
equivalent to BG, and further that they did not demonstrate the lag time was
small enough to be useful.  Had the lag time been an hour or more, the FDA
probably would not have approved the device as a regular meter.  As it is,
it's probably more useful as an indicator of the direction of change.  If
you test at 200, you're probably going to bolus differently if it's on the
way up than if it's on the way down.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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