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Re: [IP] Nitrous Oxide

> Claire needs to have two teeth pulled on Monday.  As she can be quite
> troublesome when it comes to needles, I discussed this today with the
> dentist's wife/receptionist.  She said that they could use nitrous oxide
> relax her  beforehand.  Does anyone have experience with this, and would
> cause anything unexpected with the blood sugars?

i take nitrous oxide when i'm going to have fillings done, especially
because of the needles in the mouth.  funny, i can poke myself just fine,
have blood tests, all that, but i *hate* the freezing needles in my mouth.
it's very safe, since you're awake (well, i've fallen asleep, but it's sleep
and not actually being knocked out - i think i was snoring), and dentist and
assistant are watching the whole time.  i'm sure they've explained that
first they give the patient just oxygen in the nose mask, and then introduce
the nitrogen - it just causes some feeling of relaxation and good feeling.
when they're going to take off the nitrous oxide, they first turn off the
nitrogen, and let you breathe straight oxygen for around 5-10 minutes to
clean the nitrogen out.  that also brings you fully back to your normal
self, except for some pain in your mouth as the freezing wears off.

i don't think there'd be any problem with the blood sugars, but just make
sure to check them before, during, and after.  if it's a good dentist, s/he
won't mind a bit.
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