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Re: [IP] Pump fashion

I wear my 43" tubing tucked into my pants, I roll it up into circles just like it is when you pull it out of the box, i find it tends to stay in the circles most of the time as I don't stretch it out, then I tuck it into my pants with the bottom half of the circles tuck under the waist band of my underwear that holds it in place for the day, It never really comes out unless I tug on it, or go to the washroom.  Anyways I havn't gotten any alarms because my pants are all a size big in the waist(with my GERD I can't wear tight clothes or I tend to loose my lunch)  There just loose enough to wiggle around and if I sit or bend over they don't pinch the tubing.  

My trainer ( a pumper of 20 years) has said that once you start pumping you'll start buying pump friendly clothes, whether it be looser pants or what ever.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Here is my problem.  I'm getting a lot of occlusion alarms and 
> prime alarms.
> The prime alarms are always after the occlusion alarms and those 
> are pretty
> understandable.
> I had been tucking my tubing in my pants and wear my pump on my 
> belt.  I think
> the tubing  gets caught in a pinch area.  Lately I've taken to 
> wearing all the
> tubing out side my pants and not walking near passing trains less 
> I get caught
> up and hauled down the tracks. LOL
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