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[IP] Re: What supplies do you carry with you?

In the ziploc pouch that came with my Paradigm, I carry: an extra 
infusion set and reservoir, my Quick-Serter, 2 IV Prep pads, extra 
batteries, insulin, and a couple syringes.  I also carry (separately) 
my meter, strips, lancet device, a couple extra lancets, some 
moist towelettes to wash my hands before testing if I'm not near a 
sink, and (yes!) I usually carry kleenex (although I also have paper 
towels in my car that I can use for that purpose).  I also carry a 
glucose-tab container filled with jelly bellies (my choice for treating 

To avoid the infusion sets and reservoir packages getting smushed 
in my purse, whenever I do a set change I use the supplies in the 
pouch and then replace them, so they're never in there longer than 
a couple days.

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