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[IP] Use for Expired Glucagon

I've noticed several people mentioning they need to get their glucagon 
refilled because it has expired.  What do you do with the expired ones, other 
than just dispose of them?  A while back, I remember reading on the POP list 
that a parent used the expired ones to let the school personnel be trained 
with.  They used an orange to inject.  I used an old one myself to practice 
on an orange so I would feel a little more confident in an emergency 
situation when glucagon is needed.  I gave the other one to our school nurse 
so she could use it to train the clinic personnel.  She thought it was a 
great idea.  Maybe someone can send Summer one of those red boxes after they 
empty it for her glucagon!   Ours always come in the hard red case.
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
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