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[IP] Re: Glucagon Kits

>>>        Your kidding!  all the ones I've seen here are in those crapy green and  white boxes that are like a insulin vial box it's got writting all over it and is crushable!  I'm gonna have to hunt down one in a case up here!

If you're looking for the kind in the red plastic box, mine says its made by "Lilly" - I think my parents get them at Costco (aka Price Club) (and that they're slightly cheaper there than the usual $300)

also a question -

My insurance (my parents' which covers me)does not cover glucagon at all.  I believe this is because they say it is not a "necesscary" treatment. I know all insurance plans are different, but does anyone's insurance cover glucagon (espescially if it did not origonally and you convinced them to cover it?)  It seems to me that, although it is only for emergencies, glucagon is quite "necesscary".  I don't, however, know if it would be possible to convince the insurance company of this since in ten years I've never used one (but have thrown away 15 or 20 of these expensive expired kits).

Pumping with my Paradigm for 6 months now!!!
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