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[IP] Pump fashion

Hi All!

I love my pump and pumping!  In four short days, I've noticed better
resiliency in my hips.  I'm actually able to walk further without extreme

Here is my problem.  I'm getting a lot of occlusion alarms and prime alarms.
The prime alarms are always after the occlusion alarms and those are pretty

I had been tucking my tubing in my pants and wear my pump on my belt.  I think
the tubing  gets caught in a pinch area.  Lately I've taken to wearing all the
tubing out side my pants and not walking near passing trains less I get caught
up and hauled down the tracks. LOL

Any suggestions?  I remember a thread about putting it in a bra.  At least I
wouldn't get the occlusion alarms.

Thanks for any advice.

Chris and Julian
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