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[IP] Re: Headaches

Colleen wrote:
> I have been on a mm pump for 18 months.  Lately, I have had problems with
> severe pounding headaches.  Often they start in the wee hours of the
>  They do not occur often, but when they come they are whoppers.  I am
> wondering if this is the result of a very low blood glucose during the
>  Has anyone else had this type of problem?  These headaches get so bad I
> often get nausous.


You bring back some memories for me from about 10 years ago. I had been
taking Dyazide for BP and endo found out it wasn't good for DMers' kidneys.
He cut my dosage in half until I went in 3 mos. later. I began having
excruciating headaches and like clockwork, they occured at 2:30 a.m. When I
went back in 3 mos, he completely stopped Dyazide. I was very apprehensive
about going to bed at night cuz I knew I'd get that headache, and they, too,
made me nauseated. Well, an additional 3 mos went by and he started me on
Vasotec - but a half dose. Still headaches. I actually threw up with one and
it was the final straw. I called him and said I couldn't tolerate that
nightly pain anymore. I *suggested* that since I had been cut to a half dose
of Dyazide from a full one when the headaches started, why couldn't I take
the full dose of Vasotec? He agreed and immediately my headaches stopped.

Oh, yeah, he said my BP was high cuz I threw up - I had taken my BP and it
was 2XX / 1XX. I said "No, I threw up cuz my BP was high!  It was such a
relief to not have those headaches recur!! That happened over the course of
a better part of a year. :-(

How's your blood pressure?

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