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Re: [IP] Finger holes

>Has anyone else noticed that while squeezing to get blood old holes 
>reopen?  I've been noticing it for a while some times I'll have 3 
>holes giving me blood on one finger even though I only poked it once 
>and I havn't used that finger for hours and hours, even days earlier.

It's cute when it comes spurting out from a site on the other side of 
a finger.  Makes it look like the lancet was set to WAY TO FAR a 
depth!       ;>P

But be cautious with "squeezing" out blood.  Blood that has been 
"forced" out may have a higher volume of interstitial fluid which 
would skew Bg results.  The opening might need a little "coaxing", 
but blood should flow freely to give an accurate result, or so I've 
been told by several CDEs.

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