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Re: [IP] HMO stuff

>and motivation to keep trying.  I do believe  Novolog  helped with 3rd day
>highs and smoothing out  2 hour results.   Novolog is not on my HMO formulary
>(only Humalog) and turned down my endos request when  I first made the
>switch.  I know have more direct ammunition and  am going to persist in
>obtaining a prior authorization for Pacificare.  Any suggestions?

Appeal it further!  I am with Aetna.   One of the arguments that I am 
using is that Novolog is the ONLY fast acting analog that has been 
approved by the FDA for use in pumps!   Humalog is NOT.   I cannot 
consistently keep an A1c under 7.0 on Humalog and I can with Novolog. 
Make those two points and appeal, appeal and appeal again, take it to 
the state insurance commission if necessary!

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